Michelle likes to joke that she is a Scottish-Mexican but in fact her father was Caribbean of Portuguese descent.  Born in Montserrat and raised in Antigua, Tony Gomez relocated to Scotland as a child and was educated in Edinburgh.

Michelle & Jack

Michelle married Jack Davenport on 6th May 2000 at St. Margaret's church in Newlands, Glasgow. They have been together since July 1997 and they were introduced by Andrew Lincoln of "The Walking Dead" fame, who was also best man at their wedding. Their son, Harry, was born in February 2010.


Michelle's first dog was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross named Sadie. She and Jack chose to adopt an older rescue dog for a shorter commitment in case having a dog didn't suit them, but they fell in love with Sadie and it broke Michelle's heart when she died.  Jack Russell pup Frank joined the family shortly after.