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All Michelle's theatre listings are subject to continued revision and refinement as my research progresses, but my most up-to-date findings will always be reflected here. Student productions are listed separately below the main listings.

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Student Productions

The productions Michelle performed in whilst studying at RSAMD, presented with grateful thanks to the Keeper of Archives and Collections at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland who has kindly provided me copies of the original programmes. This list may not be complete as many ensemble performances at that time were simply credited as "the company", but these are all productions for which Michelle is a named member of the cast.


Other early work

Skinny Spew | Chandler Studio (There is no record of this production in the RSAMD archives so it likely wasn't a public performance)


This record is the fruit of all my own painstaking research. Wherever possible I have provided sources for the purpose of verification, however accuracy is not guaranteed. Please do not reproduce any of the data without crediting me and linking back to this website.

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