Michelle Gomez is an actor beloved for bringing to life television characters that are at once powerful, intimidating and slightly unhinged but always captivating, sympathetic and likeable, even when morally reproachable. However, long before Michelle exploded onto our screens as the wacky Sue White in Green Wing, the iconic Missy in Doctor Who or the enchanting Lilith/Madam Satan in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, she was treading the boards in theatres around the UK and in New York.

This website, styled in the colours Michelle envisaged for Missy's TARDIS, is a living, evolving database of everything Michelle Gomez. As well as her Screen and Audio credits, all crafted with exclusive focus on Michelle's roles, I am proud to present what I believe is the most comprehensive database of Michelle Gomez's theatre work on the internet. Since I was unable to find a complete reference anywhere, I decided to research and produce my own. The Theatre section is the culmination of many hours of ongoing research and is packed with images, press clippings and other details from Michelle's extensive acting career.

The Videos page serves as a hub for my YouTube videos. However, I urge you to check out my YouTube channel where I also maintain extensive playlists of Michelle Gomez content. If you like what you see, please like and subscribe.

Finally, Very Gomez is entirely a fan project and I don't make any money from this. I endeavour to give credit for all images and sources used on this site but the research is all my own. Please don't reproduce any part of my research without attribution and, where possible, a link back to this site.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy Very Gomez!


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