Rupert Wyatt

Christmas Eve 2001: Seamus - a lonely poster-paster who works the night shift at Aldwych tube station - is taken on a nocturnal journey by the spirit of a deceased train driver. Having resigned himself to a life of drudgery and routine, the poster-paster's drab existence is questioned by the spirits of those who have died in the station throughout its 100 year history. Subterrain is a modern day fable that uses as its inspiration the story of Dickens' A Christmas Carol in the setting of Dante's Divine Comedy, with a conclusion akin to It's A Wonderful Life.

Released in the summer of 2001 (release date approximate), this 50 minute film was screened only once and features both Michelle Gomez and Jack Davenport. Among the 12 producer credits, Michelle is credited as a Producer while Jack and notably Kylie Minogue are credited as Executive Producers.

The stated release date is approximate.