TV Film
Simon Massey

Produced by Granada Television and shown as part of the "Crime Story" series of true crime dramatisations, The Ladies' Man, also sometimes called "The Lady's Man", was originally scheduled to air on 24th November 1993 but due to postponement was eventually broadcast on 29th April 1994.

The Ladies' Man features John Shrapnel as Glasgow-born serial killer Archibald Hall, known as Roy, who posed as a butler in order to rob stately homes. While employed by the wealthy Lady Peggy Hudson, Hall's former jailmate and lover, David Wright (Mark McGann) unexpectedly turns up, posing a threat to Hall's scheme. David begins a relationship with Annette, the local barmaid, played by Michelle Gomez, and gifts her a ring stolen from Lady Hudson's estate. Hall forces Annette to return the ring and later, when David disappears, Annette is suspicious and reveals that she knows more than Hall realised.

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