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Boilerhouse Theatre Company

Paul Pinson

Written by Spencer Hazel and presented by Boilerhouse Theatre Company, Seizer aimed to blur the lines between reality and fiction as a reality show host, played by Tam Dean Burn, forced characters with the same names as the actors playing them to relive traumatic events from their lives. Michelle relates a particularly gut-wrenching experience of sexual assault, shown in a video attached below.

Seizer was performed in the open air at The Old Quadrangle, Edinburgh University, as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Article on the Boilerhouse production of Seizer, published in The List, 8 August 1997.

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This offer of free tickets to see Seizer was published in The List, 8 August 1997.

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Theatre review of Seizer taken from The List, 15 August 1997.

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Review of Seizer from The Stage, 11 September 1997.

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Trigger Warning: Description of sexual assault.

Video from the outdoor performance of Seizer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, courtesy of Angeline Ferguson on Vimeo.

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Article about Seizer from The List, 8 Aug 1997
Offer of free tickets for Seizer, The List, 8 Aug 1997
Theatre review of Seizer from The List, 15 Aug 1997
Review of Seizer, The Stage, 11 Sep 1997