The Manifesto Hunt

Manifesto, by Volcano Theatre Company, is proving to be remarkably elusive. Although the production toured the UK, there is very little information about it online and I have had to piece together the sparse information I've found from newspaper theatre listings that often offer no detail besides the date and the theatre. However, in spite of putting together a decent list of tour dates, I have ended up discarding them all bar one, which is the only one I'm sure Michelle played.

It might be easier to explain my thought process if I provide all the dates I've found before explaining why I've ...

Missy & Overdue Updates

I'm very excited to have received my first copy of the Missy comic! I love this cover (variant A by Busian), I find it very appropriate and appealing to my sense of humour that Twelve, Thirteen and Dharwan!Master are knocked over and the expression on Missy's face is perfect! I must admit however that I haven't read it yet as I like it too much to remove it from its protective cellophane. I do have another cover variant on its way to me so I shall probably read that one instead.

I've been meaning to point this out for a while but if you've visited before you may have noticed that Very Gomez ...

Michelle Gomez cast as villain Madame Rouge in Doom Patrol S3

This evening it was announced that Michelle Gomez has been cast as the villain, Madame Rouge, in the third season of the DC Universe series Doom Patrol. Apparently a series regular, Madame Rouge is described as "a complicated and electrifying eccentric" and we can't wait to see it!

Fans already knew that Michelle is currently filming in Atlanta for five months and from that and other clues some of us (you know who you are!) had already figured out it was Doom Patrol, so it's amazing to have it confirmed.

Other info will be added here in due course.

Progress Update

Just a quick progress update as I've been beavering away!

I have now completed Michelle's Radio credits to the best of my present knowledge. There will be images and clips added at some point but that's further along the line. Additionally I've added a selection of recent Podcasts which I will build on over time and I've added improved previous/next pagers wherever appropriate across the site for easier navigation.

The Screen section is coming along steadily. This is the database of Michelle's film and television credits and ...

Upcoming New Features!

Very Gomez was created primarily to collate and present my research into Michelle's theatrical career after I realised that an Excel spreadsheet just wouldn't cut it, but if I can grow it into a hub of All Things Michelle Gomez, even better! Over the coming weeks I will start adding details of Michelle's other work, including TV, film and radio. This is clearly going to be an epic task so I'll be taking it a bit at a time and I may change my mind about certain aspects along the way.

So if you visit this site and find things disjointed, orphaned or even broken, please be patient with me. I'm ...

Trainspotting Update

I found myself with a puzzle to solve this week when I got hold of a theatre programme from the Trainspotting tour in 1996. The programme reportedly came from the performance at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds and the cast is the same as in the programme I already had for the Whitehall Theatre. It contains a very welcome list of dates and venues for the tour, some of which I wasn't previously aware of. However, it didn't take me long to realise there was a discrepancy. While I've already established from my other programme that Michelle was in Trainspotting at the Whitehall from 13th ...

New Trivia Section

I've now added a section for Trivia related to Michelle and her career. There are just a small few snippets right now to start it off but, as with everything else on this site, it will develop and grow with time. I don't intend to provide any evidence with trivia items as it's intended to be a quick dumping ground for random details, many of which are found only incidentally to other research. However, if you believe something is factually incorrect, please let me know via the contact page and we can compare sources.

I hope you enjoy it!

University of Glasgow Scottish Theatre Archive

I'm very excited to have found this online resource by the University of Glasgow.  Thanks to their detailed Scottish Theatre Archive index I have been able to add several new venues and dates for The Android Circuit tour. Further searching late into the night revealed that, as well as extensive documentation from that production, the archive also holds the production file for Cavalcade and photographs from Merlin - The Search for the Grail.  They also hold programmes for various other of Michelle's productions.  Under normal circumstances it seems there might be a chance of requesting copies ...

The Lunar Effect: The Cycle (2007)

While looking for something completely unrelated, I found that Michelle narrated a story for BBC Radio in 2007 called "The Cycle". Written by John Connolly and broadcast as part of the series "The Lunar Effect", a collection of five stories around the full moon, "The Cycle" was first broadcast on BBC Radio 7 on 22 October 2007 and subsequently repeated on Radio 4 Extra.

Description from the BBC:

On her way home from work on an almost deserted train, a young woman starts to suffer pains that we are led to believe indicate her period is imminent. When two troublemaking youths board the ...