Sample of the programme for Find Me at RSAMD

I am very pleased to announce that I have now been able to add Michelle's student productions to her theatre credits! The Keeper of Archives and Collections at RCS has been extremely helpful and I owe him a debt of gratitude for sending me copies of the original programmes for those productions. The listings can be found on the main Theatre page under the heading Student Productions.

I am advised that the collection may not be complete as large ensemble productions at that time were often credited simply to "the company", making it impossible to identify her involvement, however these are all the productions in which Michelle performed as a named member of the cast during her studies at RSAMD.

One curious thing is that, although a number of Michelle's biographies refer to "Skinny Spew" at the RSAMD's Chandler Studio, there is no record in the archives of such a production during the time Michelle was a student. This does suggest the possibility that "Skinny Spew" may not have been a public performance but may in fact have been a workshop, masterclass or similar. However, without finding a record it's impossible to know. Due to the absence of any detail on this production I have left it under the Other Early Work heading for now as a reference only.

The other RSAMD production frequently referred to in Michelle's biographies is "Find Me" and I have indeed found this one and have added the details to the listing with my copy of the programme firmly in hand.

I hope you enjoy browsing the newest additions. Particular points of interest are noted in the descriptions.

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